"Photography has nothing to do with cameras,"

says Lucas Gentry. And I agree.

Marie Dücker


Hi there! I'm Marie, a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur and amateur baker with a weakness for interior design and artisanal honey. I love seeing the world and having hot chocolate in every new place I go to. I collect greeting cards and graphic novels and the smell of summer rain after a hot day is my favorite. I easily finish a book in one night. I have a weird obsession with cozy winter nights and everything gingerbread, but long for mild summer nights all year round.

I will always opt for soft, naturally dimmed sun rays through curtains instead of the harshness of artificial light and will never not suggest to bring along your baby or puppy to a photoshoot. Let's get to know each other while sharing a laugh, having a preferably hot beverage, and recommending each other movies that have made us rethink our life choices.


We brainstorm and meet up

Before we meet, I like to brainstorm what the shooting will look like. For weddings, we will meet over the hot beverage of your choice and talk through the day and your vision. I am happy to help you with your outfit choices and am always glad to accommodate your ideas. For TFP shootings, I will likely send you a Pinterest moodboard to show you my ideas. Usually, we go back and forth sharing options via WhatsApp.

We have an absolute blast on the day of the photoshoot


Usually, my shootings are a lot of fun and I do my absolute best to make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible. I will throw in the occasional joke or ask you to tell me an anecdote and snap away in between to make sure I capture your personality and passion when talking about what you love most.

We make sure you cherish your photos forever


To make sure you appreciate your photos for as long as possible and have the option to look through them whenever you want to, I deliver them in a wooden case on a USB stick. I am happy to help you with putting together an album or share info on print options.

Publications and Exhibits

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Lost Freedom Magazine, March 2012
In Out, Design for Life Vol. 22 (Feature)
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Academy for Applied Photography, 2012-2013, Graz
Workshop with Rosie Hardy, August 2012, London
Wild Ones Workshop, August 2013, New York City
Large-Format Photography, January-February 2015, Williamstown

Exit 2013, February 2013, Graz

It's Never Too Late To Start a New Life, June 2013, Graz

Diaclip Show, June 2013, Kasematten Open Air Show, Graz