• Meet Marie

  • Hi there! I'm Marie, a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur and amateur baker with a weakness for interior design and artisan honey. I love seeing the world and having hot chocolate in every new place I go to. I collect greeting cards and graphic novels, maps give me security, and the smell of summer rain after a hot day is my favorite. I easily finish a book in one night. I have a weird obsession with Christmas and gingerbread, but long for mild summer nights all year round. Occasionally, I get lucky enough to pick up my camera and capture people's faces but even more so the stories they have to tell.

  • My Philosophy

  • I love bare faces and honest laughs. Let me capture what you see in the mirror after a successful day, your tears from crying over inappropriate jokes, and your dance moves you perfect when nobody's watching on a Sunday morning when you're still in your PJs. Let me sneak a few snaps of the side of you you feel most confident in. I will always opt for soft, naturally dimmed sun rays through curtains instead of the harshness of artificial light and will never not suggest to bring along your baby or puppy to a shoot. Let's get to know each other while sharing a laugh, having a preferably hot beverage, and recommending each other movies that made us rethink our life choices.

  • Get in touch

  • For info, details on how to collaborate for TFP shootings, or simply to say hi, email me: