About Us

Meet Marie
  • Meet Marie

  • Hi there! I'm Marie, a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur and amateur baker with a weakness for interior design books and all sorts of different honey. I love seeing the world and having hot chocolate in every new place I go to. Maps give me security and the smell of summer rain is my favorite. I have an unhealthy obsession with Christmas and gingerbread, but long for mild summer nights all year round. Occasionally, I get lucky enough to pick up a camera and capture people's faces and the stories they have to tell.

My Philosophy
  • My Philosophy

  • My ultimate aim in photography is to capture the person's true character who is sitting behind my lens. Before and during taking their photo, I want to get to know their smile, their laugh, their soul, and their way of believing which I then hope to show in my photography. My photography is about telling stories and freezing moments to look back to for decades to come.

Get in touch
  • Get in touch

  • For info, details on how to collaborate, or simply to say hi, email me: